I have been a guest on educational podcasts talking about my career and how I help staff and students with technology:

EduFuturists 13 – Scott Hayden

This week Ben and Dan chat to a digital innovator who is living the Google for Education dream at Basingstoke College of Technology in the UK. Scott Hayden is a lecturer, teacher, trainer, digital learning ambassador and founder of a cross-college team that supports and trains all staff in creative and innovative approaches to teaching, learning and assessment. He has a Lifetime Achievement Award for innovative use of Social Media and application of Educational Technology after receiving praise and recognition for his work developing new approaches to teaching and learning in the online community. You can follow him @scottdhayden on Twitter.

Email: theedutechproject@gmail.com

20: Scott Hayden: Weaving technology into the fabric of learning

Do you constantly evaluate and develop your own teaching practice?  Are you willing to push learning boundaries?  How about if those boundaries come in the form of social media or online technology, would you incorporate those mediums into your lesson planning, or does the thought of technology plague your mind?

If I told you that you could use online social media platforms and technology simply to advance pupils learning, give formative feedback or to allow enhanced learning collaboration would you join me on a journey of discovery?  If the answer is yes, then join Scott Hayden, a nominee of the 2015 TES (Times Educational Supplement) award and I on episode 20.

Together Scott and I discuss how to weave technology into the fabric of learning; through lesson planning, assignment development and collaborative learning techniques.

Episode take-aways:

Embedding technology into schemes of work (SOW), lesson plans and assignment writing

Using differentiated technology approaches for learning

Developing cross-organisation learning collaboration

Read more at https://inspiration4teachers.libsyn.com/weaving-technology-into-the-fabric-of-learning#x4dRpGDrGzjJwqwd.99

Read more at https://inspiration4teachers.libsyn.com/weaving-technology-into-the-fabric-of-learning#x4dRpGDrGzjJwqwd.99


The TES Further Education Podcast – Episode 15

This episode explores the most taught area of FE: Visual arts, performing arts and media. Sarah Simons talks to three former FE students in the field. Multi-award winning director and screenwriter Shane Meadows, John Kay creative director of Linney Design, part of Linney Group and Scott Hayden, a lecturer in Creative Media Production and a specialist practitioner in social media and educational technology, teaching at Basingstoke College of Technology.